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AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair in Sioux Falls, SD

Fast & Effective 24-Hour Emergency AC Service in Spencer & Minnehaha County 

When summer comes to Sioux Falls and Spencer, you can find your home turning into an overheated, uncomfortable place to spend your days. Unless, of course, you have an effective, efficient air conditioning unit. But the unit that got you through the heat of last summer may not be up to the task this year – contaminants, wear-and-tear, or electrical surges may have damaged its ability to do its job.

That’s why you need to call the HVAC experts at Copper Cottage. Our team of licensed Sioux Falls AC repair specialists are trained to fix any flaws in your system, and perform maintenance and tune-ups to ensure it can function at maximum efficiency when you need it most.

Contact us online or call today for prompt, quality AC repair in Sioux Falls and Spencer to help keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long! Please dial (605) 221-0958 for our Sioux Falls location or (712) 214-8560 for our Spencer location.

We Can Handle Any AC Issue

Your HVAC system is pretty complicated, with a lot of parts and components that each serve their own function and are prone to their own issues. Our Sioux Falls AC repair team has undergone rigorous training to learn how to spot and correct even the tiniest flaws. No matter what’s causing your cooling system’s poor performance, we’ve got the skills and equipment needed to find a quick, effective solution!

We Can Solve All of These Problems and More:

  • Low Refrigerant
  • Frozen or Dirty Coils
  • Fan Problems
  • Dirty, Leaking, or Poorly Sized Ducts
  • Faulty Thermostat

Signs I Need AC Repair

When you notice a change in your indoor comfort, it can be hard to pinpoint the cause. How can you tell if a broken- or worn-down air conditioning unit is the source of the issue? Keep an eye out for the tell-tale warning signs that there’s an issue with your air conditioning. 

When you spot the signs, contact Copper Cottage to get fast, effective solutions for whatever’s gone wrong! In addition to air conditioning repair in Sioux Falls, take a look at our indoor air quality services and make sure your home gets cleaner air!

  • Lack of Airflow - With insufficient air flow, it makes it difficult to cool your home. If you notice that your AC isn't providing good airflow, it may be due to a clogged air filter or a broken motor. Contact our Sioux Falls AC repair team for the help you need!
  • Strange Smells - Unpleasant odors coming from your HVAC system are never fun to deal with. A quick visit from our air conditioning repair team can help diagnose whether your AC needs repair or possibly just a cleaning session to remove any mold or mildew buildup in your AC's ductwork.
  • Odd Noises - AC units will often make some noise when they first turn on. But, if you are hearing a banging or clanging sound come from your unit, chances are it could be a loose part or even a belt that is going bad. The issue won't go away by itself and requires professional Sioux Falls AC repair.
  • High Humidity - During spring and summer, it can get a little humid and sticky outside. If you notice that this humidity is making it's way into your home, it could be that your AC system is not keeping the moisture levels at a good range. You may need a simple re-calibration or you may even consider a whole home dehumidifier.

Keeping Your AC Running and Your Utility Bills Low

Keeping your cooling system running smoothly is about more than just warding off the summer heat. A well-maintained air conditioning unit is also a lot more energy-efficient than a broken one and can save you a significant amount in utility costs! The Sioux Falls AC repair specialists at Copper Cottage can get your system running at optimal efficiency in no time, whether you need major repairs or preventative maintenance. Let us save you money by keeping your air conditioning running smoothly! Check out our reviews!

Contact us online or call today for 24-hour emergency AC repair in Sioux Falls or Spencer from Copper Cottage’s team! We’ll get your unit running like it was installed yesterday! (605) 221-0958 - Sioux Falls ;(712) 214-8560 - Spencer.

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  • “Knowledgeable, experienced, friendly. Only place I will call now. Best in Sioux Falls!”

    Fran P.
  • “Will always be using Copper Cottage for our AC/Heat/Plumbing needs. They have been so helpful getting us in when our (furnace) was needing to be replaced. I appreciate Joel and his team so so much!”

    Samantha D.
  • “Our old water heater had a horrible leak. We purchased a new gas water heater, and the service men were great. They handled my dog, Buddy, wanting to say hi every time they came up and down the stairs. The plumbing was rerouted, and the new water heater wa”

    JJ W.
  • “Always prompt, and the tech who came to fix the AC had it up and running in no time. That's why I call Copper Cottage when something goes bad with the HVAC system.”

    Teri S.
  • “Thank you for doing great work! Nate did a great job and very professional!”

    Wes G.
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