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Get Your Heater Working Like New in No Time

When the weather gets cold, your heater quickly becomes the most important appliance in your home. It’s responsible for keeping you and your loved ones warm and comfortable, and when it stops working the way it should, no one’s happy.

That’s where Copper Cottage comes in. Our trained, experienced HVAC technicians are fully equipped to handle any issue your heater may be experiencing with the same care, quality, and professionalism our loyal Sioux Falls and Spencer customers have been trusting for over 35 years.

We Work with All Heater Types:

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps
  • In-Floor Heating
  • Natural Gas

Contact us online or call today for 24/7 service or a free estimate!* Please dial (605) 309-7170 for our Sioux Falls location or (712) 214-8560 for our Spencer location.

3 Signs You Need Heater Repair

Having you heater go out on a cold winter's night is never a situation you want to find yourself in. Chances are that your heater gave off some warning signs that can be very easy to miss if you don't know what you should be looking for. At Copper Cottage, we have provided you with 3 signs to look for to help you avoid this unpleasant experience.

  • Loud Banging & Clanging -
    Most heaters make noises as they turn on. But, if you are hearing loud banging, clanging or even screeching, it should be cause for concern. Pay attention to the noises your heater is making and give our Sioux Falls Heater Repair team a call if you notice any odd noises.
  • Short Cycling -
    If you are noticing your heater is turning on for a short time and then off frequently, this is called short cycling and can be the sign of a potentially much bigger problem. If you hear your heater turning on and off like this, give us a call today to come and inspect your heater.
  • High Energy Bill -
    A big energy bill is never a fun experience. Your energy bill may have dramatically gone up due to your heating system needing repairs. If a heater is in need of repair, it will have to often work twice as hard in order to provide the proper amount of heat to your home and that means your energy bill will go up as well.

No Matter the Problem, We Can Fix It

Your heater experiences wear and tear every time it’s used, which is pretty often. Constant use, bad weather, fluctuating electricity, and other factors can all cause your heater to deteriorate and eventually break. When that happens, contact our team to get things fixed fast, and to get things fixed right. Our highly trained technicians will examine every component of your heater to find what’s wrong, so we can get it back to working at maximum efficiency in no time.

Our Heating Repair Services Include:

  • Pilot Light of Ignition Control Repair
  • Filter Cleaning and Replacement
  • Thermostat Repair
  • Mold Removal
  • Fan Repair
  • And More!

Don’t rely on messy, dangerous, and time-consuming DIY repairs, and don’t wait until your heater is noticeably broken to start repairs. Contact our team at the first signs of distress, and we’ll be there to fight off the cold!

Save Money on Heating Bills and Prevent Disasters with Regular Maintenance and Repairs

Your heater uses a lot of energy and is responsible for a hefty chunk of your utility bill. As your heater begins to break down, it becomes less efficient, needing more energy to perform the same basic functions. This can cause your utility bill to rise, and the quality of air in your home to decline.

To keep your heater running at maximum efficiency and prevent higher utility bills, it is crucial to regularly maintain your heater and immediately contact a professional repair team when you notice flaws in your heater’s performance. Contact our professional Sioux Falls heater repair technicians as soon as you start noticing the warning signs. Early detection and repair can prevent you and your family from having to deal with a cold, unheated house. It's important to remember your home's indoor air quality as well, as you want to make sure your household is getting cleaner air and avoiding those pesky allergies. Read our reviews and see what everyone is taking about!

Signs Your Heater Needs Professional Attention:

  • Unusual Smells
  • Slow Starts
  • Inadequate Heat
  • Cold Spots
  • Clanking, Banging, or Screeching Noises
  • Discolored Pilot Light
  • Poor Air Quality
  • The Presence of Carbon Monoxide
*Conditions may apply. Call for details

When you notice your heater isn’t performing like it should, or spot the signs of an imminent breakdown, contact the professionals at Copper Cottage, or call our offices at (605) 309-7170 for Sioux Falls or (712) 214-8560 for Spencer.

The Copper Cottage Difference

We Take Pride in Our Work
  • High Level In-House Training For Our Techs
  • Convenient Pricing
  • Back Up Work With 1 Year Warranty
  • Emergency Services 24/7

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Rave Reviews

  • “Knowledgeable, experienced, friendly. Only place I will call now. Best in Sioux Falls!”

    - Fran P.
  • “Will always be using Copper Cottage for our AC/Heat/Plumbing needs. They have been so helpful getting us in when our (furnace) was needing to be replaced. I appreciate Joel and his team so so much!”

    - Samantha D.
  • “Our old water heater had a horrible leak. We purchased a new gas water heater, and the service men were great. They handled my dog, Buddy, wanting to say hi every time they came up and down the stairs. The plumbing was rerouted, and the new water heater wa”

    - JJ W.
  • “Always prompt, and the tech who came to fix the AC had it up and running in no time. That's why I call Copper Cottage when something goes bad with the HVAC system.”

    - Teri S.
  • “Thank you for doing great work! Nate did a great job and very professional!”

    - Wes G.